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January Funk

Is it just me, or is January the most depressing month of the year? It’s dark and cold and all of the excitement of the holidays has passed. Everyone has decided to eat healthy and has eliminated their emergency chocolate stashes. Coworkers, students and friends all seem to be in a January funk. I’m counting … Continue reading

Christmastrip 2012!

Question: If you’ve accepted a 12- hour/week work contract in France, how many hours are you expected to work? Answer: Somewhere around 7ish. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had all of my classes I’m supposed to. This is really bad for my work ethic. I fear my return to America will be … Continue reading


Before I arrived in Thizy, I was told by several people that it gets really cold here. As in, snot icicle-inducing cold. I’ve become a believer over the past couple weeks. The Festival of Lights in Lyon last weekend would surely have tested my cold-weather tolerance if it hadn’t been for the ridiculous crowds of … Continue reading